Car lumbar cushion

Car lumbar cushion


Car lumbar cushion: features
The different types of car lumbar cushions
Advantages and disadvantages of car lumbar cushions
Prices and outlets of a car lumbar pillow

The best lumbar support for car can help you reduce back pain during long car trips. It is still necessary to choose one whose efficiency is not illusory. We help you choose from the important offer of the market.

Car lumbar cushion: features

Accessory manufacturers therefore offer different types of lumbar supports, mainly in the form of cushions, which can be installed on the front and rear seats.

In the plethora of supply, it is necessary to distinguish the lumbar cushions whose forms and the materials, even the technology, will be the most effective in the long term of those which will propose only a weak protection.

The different types of car lumbar cushions

There are different models of lumbar car cushions whose material, size and strengths diverge from one to the other:


The foam cushion is made of polyurethane foam. When it is memory shape , it is made of gel mousse. Some cushions have a fabric envelope filled with microbeads .

Still others, such as the cushion , have a wire rope frame surrounding a nylon mesh. Finally, the airbag has a fabric cover and morphological adjustment by natural inflation .

Choice criteria

The ergonomics should be the main criterion for choosing a lumbar pad. If long car journeys are painful for you, it will be advisable to direct your choice towards lumbar cushions with memory of form , provided with lateral supports relieving the muscles of the back by ensuring a better lateral support.

Depending on your morphology, you will choose a cushion more or less wide. Regarding the height, it is to be considered according to the shape of the backrest of the seats of your car. The thickness of the lumbar cushions varies according to the curve assumed to marry that of the spine.

The size of the lumbar cushions varies according to the models:

In width: from 30 to 49 cm;
In height: from 23 to 52 cm;
In thickness: from 5 to 11 cm depending on the shape of the lumbar curvature.

Advantages and disadvantages of car lumbar cushions
Some lumbar cushions have lateral supports that further improve the driving position: indeed, their presence increases driver comfort. In addition, the airbags offer a perfectly customizable adjustment to the shape of your back.

Among the few disadvantages encountered:

The cushions filled with microbeads do not have a fixation to be wedged on a seat since they can be used behind the neck or as an armrest;
The airbags may be prone to leakage , and therefore are not reliable over time.
The fixing by straps lumbar cushions need to be checked regularly .

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